Do Average Looking Guys Really Get The Hottest Looking Girls?


Numerous Studies Have Shown That A Woman Is Not Attracted to A Man's Looks, But To Other Qualities She Deems "More Important".

If this is so, you might be asking yourself how you can harness and develop these qualities to attract, date, and sleep with the most stunning women on the planet.

Dear Friend,

My name is Giuseppe Notte, and I'm just your typical amazing-looking Italian stud. Just kidding, i'm about as average as they come. Let's just say my looks have never gotten me anywhere in life.

5 years ago, I spent my 26th birthday alone at home - without a single friend celebrating with me and without a single woman in my life. I was a 26-year-old virgin. I felt absolutely pathetic.

On that day, I made a resolution. A resolution that whatever it took, I would do everything to become successful with women. So I went to the local bookstore and purchased some of the dating advice books. I also found many products online - so I bought the ones I heard were the "best".

During the past 5 years, I have read alot of books on attracting and seducing women. I travelled the world and I paid hundreds of dollars for workshops and seminars from famous "dating gurus" who claimed to have slept with thousands of women using their own techniques. But in the end, I only became successful with the secrets I discovered myself.

  • You can try to attract women by learning complicated stories, routines, and faking like you're someone you're not.
  • You can try to attract women by learning NLP, hypnosis or using other covert techniques to manipulate women.
  • You can try to attract women by faking a cocky sense of humor - something not too many guys are born with.


  • You can simply discover the attitude I'm about to teach you and attract women THE EASY WAY.

Without having to be someone you aren't, without having to manipulate women and without having to put on a stand-up comedy routine.

Why Most Dating Advice Is Useless!

There is no doubt that some of the seduction gurus use their techniques with success. But there is one problem with them:

They are teaching methods and techniques that work FOR THEM, things that are tailored to their unique personalities BUT NOT TO YOURS!

A magician can attract women by performing magic but you are not a magician! Do you want to change your complete personality and become someone you are NOT?

Well, after 4 years of failure and testing, I have managed to find something that works not only for me, but for everyone else who has tried it!

The best things in life are very simple. To attract women, you don't need complicated routines, hypnosis knowledge or a comedian's sense of humour.

What you need is a SIMPLE ATTITUDE, which you can learn within a few hours to a few weeks from now.

This Simple Attitude Is SO POWERFUL That It Will Completely Transform the Way Women Behave Around You

As I told you already, I am not handsome. Nor am I rich or famous. So if I can attract women, you can do it too!

I am going to tell you my secret, but don't be mistaken just because of how simple it sounds. There is much more to it which I'm about to explain.

To attract women, you have to become a "Real Man".

Society doesn't want you to become successful with women. From early childhood, you are conditioned and told to be a "nice guy". From your mother, through your friends or "friendgirls" everyone is involved. They are all unconscious collaborators in having you lose an ability you have always had:

To be a Real Man.

It's common knowledge that some guys fall to the other extremity and attract women by being a "jerk" but it's not a constructive attitude unless you want to end up in jail for beating your woman.

But by becoming a "Real Man" ALL THE WOMEN will pick up the attitude you radiate and FLOCK TO YOU!


I Don't Want To Become Another Guru And Have A Cult Of Followers Going to My Seminars and Workshops. Instead I Have Written A Book With Complete, Practical Step-By-Step Instructions You Can Apply And Follow EASILY

After my discovery of this forgotten attitude, I became irresistible to women. I was having threesomes twice a week and I had a horde of women on the go, waiting for me to call.

My friends noticed this and begged me to teach them my secrets. I came up with a more simple solution instead:

I have written an e-book.

All About Women

My e-book is called "All About Women: The Encyclopedia Of Seduction". I have given the book this name because there is more to my book than teaching you the attitude I have talked about.

I'm going to take you by the hand and guide you through EVERY SINGLE STEP and little detail of attracting women!

Apart from telling you how to aquire the attitude I talked about, I teach you how women think, how to approach women, what to say to them, how to get their number, how to make your dates successful and how to have sex within the first few dates.

You get a complete guide with EASY step-by-step instructions you can follow to sweet success.

Here Is What You Will Learn From My Highly Informative E-Book:

  • Women speak a different language. You can't talk to them like you talk to your buddies. A separate part of the book is about how women think, what motivates their actions and how you can use this to your advantage!
  • Advice on the most common errors men make - just by avoiding these critical mistakes which repel most women, you can improve your success rate dramatically and put yourself ahead of every guy out there.
  • The Manly way of complimenting a lady. Many guys cut the tree below themselves by not knowing how to compliment - I teach you to do it right
  • The answer to a vital question: how much money should you spend on a woman during the first few dates? All this from a perspective not found in other dating books
  • It's much easier to develop a manly personality and to learn to be a "Real Man" than you would think. Just follow the secret tips I give inside and find yourself attracting women solely with your presence - without having to move a finger!
  • Important tips on dressing and taking care of yourself - you don't have to look like an average guy! This book will teach you how to give a little lift here and there and improve your looks by 2 points on a scale from 1 to 10! By applying this tips to yourself, women will notice you - I GUARANTEE IT!
  • Body language - psychological experiments show that the way you carry yourself in this world is more important than you would think. Girls recognize a confident person - with my dirty little tricks, you will be one of them!
  • I show you how to improve the quality of your life and find your place in this world better - women like a man who has his life together
  • 22 of the best and easiest places to pick-up girls
  • A 5-step guide on where to meet and how to seduce the kind of woman you prefer
  • An amazing 6-step script to help you overcome your fear of approaching women within a few days... No more shyness around beautiful girls!
  • You will find a separate chapter about approaching girls in clubs - with the most common mistakes to avoid. Just by stripping yourself of these behaviors you will separate yourself from 99% of the guys in the club and become twice as attractive to women!
  • The exact words you should say and the exact way you should act when approaching a girl - if you follow these instructions, the girl will be attracted to you within 1 minute of meeting her... Whether you are approaching her in a club, on the streets or anywhere else!
  • The biggest mistake you can make in a club that will destroy your chances of attracting any woman present
  • The easiest way to get the phone number of a girl without any hassle or fear of rejection
  • How to double your success rate by recognizing when a woman wants you to approach her - just think how many beautiful girls you have missed because you didn't see these signs... And how many you will meet this way!
  • Places where you shouldn't take your women under any circumstances (Unless you want to lose them instantly!)
  • Learn the most effective kind of dates including 17 wonderful ideas for places to take her to - she will definitly enjoy her time with you
  • The three topics you must avoid at all costs when taking a woman out for the first few times
  • 19 example topics that you can easily talk about on your dates. These will help you get from the phase of loosening her up towards more intimate moments
  • Problems talking about sex? Not anymore! This book teaches you a dirty little game to solve the issue... 32 example questions are also included... She will tell you sexual secrets on the first date that she otherwise would never tell before you have had sex... At least not to other guys!
  • Discover how long you should wait to have sex with a girl. There are 3 critical categories of women who are harder to bed and I teach you to handle each
  • A very important rule to prevent you from wasting a lot of energy on a girl. Also learn the point where you can say that the two of you are in a relationship
  • Girls communicate their interest towards you with a subtle code... Learn the signs she is giving you and you will know when she is ready to get down and dirty... We also teach you the negative signs that show it's time to move on!
  • Know when to go in for the first kiss: you will learn 3 easy ways to initiate kissing (two subtle and a direct one) including a test to determine whether she is ready to be kissed or notdon't stress yourself about the first kiss again!
  • A step-by-step guide on making-out properly. The book teaches how and when to initiate each step... Get from the first kiss to fingering her easily!
  • 3 wonderful places for having sex and how to initiate it at each - never be worried about not getting any action anymore!
  • Chances are you're place is not ready for a girl to come over for some hot sex... You will get a list of 10 necessary things that every man should have at home - including suggestions for good music and useful tips for setting up the mood. Use your place as a tool to lay girls easily!

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Relationship Book
  • The secrets of keeping long, happy and successful relationships including 5 tools to make sure that neither you nor she gets bored as times goes by
  • The Top 10 reasons why relationships end in a break up and how to avoid them
  • Keeping multiple girls at the same time - imagine dating 3 or 4 girls simultaneously, just like the pros do!
  • A secret pattern to make her accept that you are dating other girls as well
  • Why similarities, as opposed to opposites, attract and how this influences your life
  • My views on finding "The One" and whether marriage is worth it or not

Bonus Booklet #2: How To Spice Up Your Sexual Life
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Sex Book
  • Most men have delicate problems with sex that can make their life a misery - learn how to solve them!
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  • Tips on becoming a multi-orgasmic male and enjoying earth-shaking orgasms – just like women do!
  • The ins and outs of birth prevention and protecting yourself from STDs - this is one of the most important topics when it comes to sex, even though some people completely ignore it
  • Amazing FOREPLAY techniques: many guys neglect one of the most important parts of sex - you can learn how to do it well!
  • Pleasure enhancing methods that will have her begging for more
  • Tips and tricks on spicing up your sex life - bring out her freaky side and transform yourself into a breathtaking lover who always has a new surprise for her!

Bonus #3: Lifetime Updates

I am soon going to release additional booklets and updates to All About Women - each and every future update of the book can be yours for free by ordering now!

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This is a $70 value for free! You will get access to my personal e-mail address to ask any of your questions. I will do my best to help you with your problems and give advice based on your own situations!

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My Personal Ironclad Better Than Money-Back GUARANTEE


I have a special offer for you. You don't have to decide if this book is for you right now.

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Apart from the refund, you can also keep the book with the bonus materials.

Sound fair enough?

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There are more testimonials right HERE.

"I would like to thank you..."

I would like to thank you for attempting to reawaken the idea of the importance of being a "real man" when relating to women. This seems to be a lost concept in today's society with the blending of gender roles. But when reading your book, I suddenly realized that if I want a woman, I have to be a "man". This idea alone made it well worth the price.

    E. R., USA
(from an e-mail)

"All About Women is incredibly useful and informative"

The book "All About Women" is incredibly useful and informative. It opened up with the differences between women perception and that of men. It explains what make a woman behave the way she does, her state of mind and their complicated nature. It highlighted on how to approach a woman and how to get her details. Also topical issues to raise whenever on a date with a woman.

    Chuks M, UK/London
(opinion poll for readers)

"All About Women rocks"

Your book is awesome. 48 hours into having it I had my first threesome, no joke (took your advice with these two girls I knew and then... plowwwed x 2...). After reading your book (in a few hours, thank you) it had me radiating with confidence and the insecurities of all the other guys around me actually amplified my coolness. I can see with such clarity now when a woman is playing games, when to do/say the right things, be the MAN and lead, when to identify when another guy is being insecure (and do the opposite of what he's doing), and when I should make the moves. I had been in a number of long term relationships as the non-leading 'nice guy' and I would always get screwed somehow, but after reading your book, guess who's doing the screwing now...

    E. V.
(from an e-mail)

"All About Women is an exhaustive treatment"

MikeAll About Women is an exhaustive treatment of every aspect of meeting, dating, sexing and just generally dealing with women. It's refreshing, "right between the eyes" writing style will keep men entertained and engaged as they gather an education in the finer points of improving their game. Mr. Notte has really set the bar high for the rest of us laboring to create info-products of similar quality in this field.

    Mike Pilinski, author,
High Status Male: Without Embarrassment
(a review)

"Your book has inspired me to become a man who is a leader with women and a successful business man"

Giuseppe your book, "All About Women" has inspired me to become a man who is a leader with women and a successful business man. My advice to men looking to become successful with women is to avoid the bad advice given by others who want you to hypnotizing women ect. and follow sound advice as taught in your book on how to become a powerful man who is attractive to women. But remember any good thing takes effort to obtain, and it is more than than worth the effort to have a beautiful woman in your arms.

    Roger N, USA/Washington
(opinion poll for readers)

"I haven't even read half of the book yet and it already helped me with attracting women"

All about women is a really great book. I haven't even read half of the book yet and it already helped me with attracting women. I was really surprised when I found out about those stuff in the book. Your book is a great help to me.

    Robert A, United States, Missouri
(opinion poll for readers)

How Much Is Happiness With Women Worth To You?

You could be shoving hundreds of dollars down the drain, by taking women out, paying for them, and getting nothing in return. Does that sound like a good deal to you? I don't think so!

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So What Else Are You Waiting For? Your Old Self Hesitated Till The Time Was Past, And That Gorgeous Girl Left The Room. Will You Do The Same Now?

Thousands of guys are using the secrets from this e-book with success every single day. No matter how they look, how old they are or how much their income is, they are now getting the kind of women they have always wanted.

What are you doing this next weekend? Will your hand be keeping you company or will you be lying on a bed next to a beautiful woman?

Are you ready to be the next one?


Giuseppe Notte

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